Psychologist & life coach Praha

I received my Masters Degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy at Masaryk University. During my studies, I focused on recruitment and the development of employees within corporate businesses as well as within smaller privately owned companies. Since my studies, I have continued working on development, recruitment and HR services.

I am looking forward to guiding you and supporting you on your journey of improvement. We will expand on your current talent and potential, which I will help you to grow and lead you forward in your life.

Your journey will be hardworking and long, but together we will reach your desired results. Someone once said “there are no short cuts to success…the recipe of success is kept inside of us, because whatever we can dream, we can make reality.”

When you are ready to live your best life, contact me to start the journey.

About coaching

Who is personal life coach?

Life coach Praha: Mgr. et Mgr. Dagmar Mištíková

Life coach Praha: Mgr. et Mgr. Dagmar Mištíková

A personal life coach takes intense care, knowing the strenghts and weaknesses of the client as well as their inner force. He/She knows how to move his clients’ dreams forward. He also knows how be gentle about sensitive topics regarding personality traits.
Maybe you know a similar description in other professions; personal doctor, personal psychologist, personal financial advisor, personal lawyer and so on. „Personal“ means he knows what his clients’ need, history, and future plans. There will be a bond developed in time, which helps a smooth cooperation and progression to the next level.
A personal coach should already know what the client needs, what he/she feels in different situations and how he/ she deals with problems. At this stage, a personal coach is sensitive enough to gain knowledge from the clients’ past to help form a connection between topics, while inspiring them.
To create a good relationship, a personal coach needs time, rapport, and a willingness to listen and share their observations. It is important to never give up, even when it look like things are not going as planned, and keep working on future plans. Tomorrow we can be where we want to be.
Life coach

Certified coach in methodology Results & Emotions, based on research of neurology and knowledge of positive psychology.


Holder of Mgr. et Mgr. studies of psychology and psychotherapy at Masaryk University in Brno.


Competency modeling, interviewing and psychodiagnostics, Supervisor and guarantor of soft and hard skills.

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Koučink Praha - Mgr. et Mgr. Dagmar Mištíková

Mgr. et Mgr. Dagmar Mištíková - Koučink Praha

People would describe me as open and able to listen while also giving direct advice for their life. At the same time, I am an honest and fair person. I can make you feel comfortable and also share a laugh. I can lead you within more serious topics, including long-term plans. I enjoy working with inspiring people who are looking to develop their potential and work towards living their best life.


Sokolovská 126/40 (zvonek Results & Emotions)

186 00 Praha – Karlín

+420 775 662 905