Coach Praha / How to choose your coach or psychlogist?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • Would you like to be healthier and balanced?
  • Do you wish to follow your dreams?
  • Are you thinking about finding a new job?
  • Going through a challenging life situation ?
  • Would you like to work on a meaningful purpose?
  • Would you like to have happy and satisfied relationships?
  • Would you like to live a happy and balanced life?

These are common goals, which I can help you with. If your goal is listed, or you would like to reach a different goal, let me know and we can cooperate together to help you reach it.


Certified coach in methodology Results & Emotions, based on research of neurology and knowledge of positive psychology.


Holder of Mgr. et Mgr. studies of psychology and psychotherapy at Masaryk University and psychotherapy training.


HR consulting and development, interviewing and psychodiagnostics, Supervisor and guarantor of soft and hard skills.


Coach Praha: How to choose your coach/psychotherapist/ counselor, life guide?

How to choose your coach, psychotherapist or psychological counselor in Prague? This is a person I do not currently know, yet I will have to pay for every session.… So how do I know that this will help me? What if someone recommends to me someone that I do not get along with? What if I live in Prague and the best therapist for me lives in Brno? 
1. It is important to know the difference between coaching, psychotherapy and counseling. A Coach is a person who helps to expand your own potential, gives you questions, develops your creative thinking and decisions. A coach is not a counselor. A coach is there to help move you forward to have better results, healthier relations, or improve other areas of your life.

If you are in very critical life situation, coaching is not the right choice. For example, if somebody close to you dies, or you have serious mental problems such as depression or suicidal thoughts, the best choice is to find an educated psychologist, psychotherapist or doctor who can help with this crisis. A counselor works similar to a psychotherapist, but the difference is that he does not analyze you deeply and works with your past that precisely It is important to mention that every coach, counselor, or psychotherapist might have and will have a different work style.

2. How could I trust stranger and how could he/she understand me? There is no urge to personally know the client and this can be an advantage, because this person is not biased by the fact that he knows your family, your past, or your success at your job. With them, you start from “scratch”. There is also no urge that he/she must understand everything. Especially not with a coach. A coach is not there to judge, evaluate or lead you. He is there to help you step further and fully support your potential to grow. With a psychotherapist, the process might take more time. With them, it is necessary to treat your old wounds, which takes time. A counselor is someone who stands somewhere in between a coach and a psychotherapist. He should not go into too deep an analysis, and he is not as neutral as a coach. Usually it is easier to find a specialist in a bigger city like Prague or Brno.
3. What if somebody recommends someone to me, whom I do not like? There should always be the rule that you need to feel a rapport, that you feel good with the specialist. The basic idea is for you to feel relaxed and positive with that person. If you feel that connection, this is the healing moment, when you feel good. First of all, that is the basic principle of well-functioning relationships, but also what you should be looking for in psychotherapy, counseling or coaching. A sense of trust, affection (still to be able to produce effective work), sympathy and happiness are all parts of that relationship.
You should feel happy to be with your specialist and always look forward to meeting him/her. That positive feeling, one that does not feel like an obligation or that you are losing money, or making your partner happy.“ This is an important part of the session to be concerned about. If you find a specialist who lives in different city, for example if you live in Prague and that specialist lives in Brno, online consulting is also possible.


I wish you good luck to find an understanding and a soul connection with the type of “life guide” you choose.

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Koučink Praha - Mgr. et Mgr. Dagmar Mištíková

Mgr. et Mgr. Dagmar Mištíková - Koučink Praha

People would describe me as open and able to listen while also giving direct advice for their life. At the same time, I am an honest and fair person. I can make you feel comfortable and also share a laugh. I can lead you within more serious topics, including long-term plans. I enjoy working with inspiring people who are looking to develop their potential and work towards living their best life.


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